Saturday, November 29, 2008

Evan's new friend

Addyson & Evan hamming it up for the camera!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lesson #1042

I've learned a valuable lesson today. Do you know the saying about anticipation? I can't remember exactly how it goes but something along the lines of...the anticipation can sometimes be the best part. Anyhoo Glenn and I have been siked (if that's possible) about taking Ryleigh to see Elmo Live today. We bought floor tickets when they went on sale in September. We made a plan not to tell Ryleigh at all. Our reasons, she has NO concept of time and we didn't want to be harassed on a daily basis for 2 months. We decided to wait till the night before to drop the bomb. She seemed pretty excited and even told us she needed to go to bed and get a good night's rest (huh?!?).
When we told her we also gave her an Abby shirt to wear to the show. Glenn tried his best to explain exactly what we would be experiencing (that it wasn't COSI). We also told her that Grace (her friend) would be coming with us. She was very excited about this part.
This morning we pulled ourselves together, got Grace and headed to the show. We tried to take pictures but only Grace was willing. This is a new thing with her...NO as excited as I was to create a moment I let it go (although I snug in few shots and she cooperated enough to take a photo with Grace after much pleading). When the curtain opened it seemed all was going well again. Although Ry wasn't nearly as excited as we had hoped. She was never unruly (okay once) but she didn't want to stomp her feet, try to sit on a lap to see better or point at any of favorite characters.
Grace, on the other hand, had a great time. She is a pretty quiet girl and although she didn't speak more than 10 words the entire time she was with us, her body language and smiles gave me much joy. I was so happy she had a good time. Her parents were smart and told Grace several days prior to the show. Lesson learned here! I will now let my child enjoy her own anticipation as I enjoyed mine.
I don't want my picture taken!
Before the show

A good moment! Glad Glenn caught it on film.

Oh I almost left out the meltdown... we got her and Grace Elmo balloons at intermission. Right before the show started again they asked us to put the balloons under the seats. We obliged but right before the show was to start again Ry accidentally kicked her balloon and it went flying to the rafters. I tried my best to grab it but hey I am only 5' 2" so it wasn't going to happen. Ryleigh erupted in tears and I grab my wallet in the hoped of buying another $8.00 balloon! Call us suckers but what can I say, it was part of the experience. Anyway, I hightailed it to find another one. I found out we could get one after the show. Thank goodness. By the time I arrived back in my seat Ry had settled down (thanks Glenn!).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Shared Moment

There are times when I feel I am not the #1 parent. Okay so it shouldn't bother me but with Glenn's comings & goings with work and I being the primary parent most times I should be the apple of my kids eyes. Now I know the naysayers are out there but come on...
Last night, I got to feel the joy of my daughter putting me above her daddy. He had just come back from a four day trip and it was ME she wanted. I couldn't have been more happy...
Except she chose her moment in the middle of the freakin' night. Ry woke up at midnight and Glenn was on it. He went and checked on her. I came running in shortly after and gave her a couple of snuggles and tucked her back into bed. Then 2 hours later the FUN began.
She woke up around 2ish. Came into our room and wanted in our bed. So I grabbed her and put her in between us. Now we don't typically have our kids sleep with us...there just isn't enough room but when you're tired you do what you need to do. She couldn't get comfortable so I offered to grab her little pillow in the hopes she would fall asleep. Well she didn't. She tried but it didn't I took her back to her room and tucked her in. This little dance went on until 3:30 am. She must have been up down at least 1/2 dozen times. I was starting to suspect she would get hungry and she did. So we went downstairs and had a bowl of cereal at 3:30.
The two of us just sat at her little table and ate a bowls of cereal. Silently munching... and for as tired as I was I was really happy because during the past hour and half she wanted her mama!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guess who couldn't play nice?

Evan enjoying the infant water table for the first time!

Sam. There is a love/hate relationship with him & Ryleigh

See what I mean...

Grace, cute as a button. Her & Sam could have played hours at the water table...

But SHE would have none of it!

We went to COSI with some friends about a week ago... imagine who couldn't handle it???? Yup, she refused to stay in one spot. It was like she was on speed. She had the 'been there done that' attitude. Needless to say, it sucked!


In September Ryleigh & I discussed costume options and she wanted to be a butterfly. I began looking at costumes trying to figure out which direction to go and Ryleigh found her old costume from last year. She put it on and I asked if she wanted to be a bumble bee for Halloween. She told me yes, and so Ryleigh was a bumble bee a second year in a row. HOORAY for that! Although last night will be the last time she gets in that's starting to get a bit snug.

My folks came over to help with the trick-or-treat festivities again. We had a good time. My mom walked with Evan so I could take Ry around to all the houses. My dad stayed behind and passed out the candy to all the neighborhood kids (and those who drove into our neighborhood to trick-or-treat). Ryleigh was a lot of fun. She was able to walk all the way to the entrance of our neighborhood. She actually ran most of the time. She always greeted neighbors with a "Happy Halloween" then proceed to say "trick-or-treat". I also was very impressed with her thank you. All in all a good night. She didn't seem to notice that I took all of her candy but 5 pieces for her to have over the next 5 days!