Sunday, January 17, 2010

Attempt #2

Our friends, Tyler and Melissa have an annual Christmas party with the most authentic Santa I have seen. He is a great guy and tried luring E in and got close to winning him over... maybe next year!
Ry did it!
Trying for the kids together. No such luck!
A peace offering - candy cane wins!

Didn't mind the jolly man helping him unwrap his present!

Going in for the kill... E ran away just after I got this shot.

Fear of Santa

My kids love the idea of the big guy but they aren't fans of getting too close. This year we opted to skip the mall altogether since we knew we would have at least 2 options to attempt a Santa photo. The first one was horrendous and I was pushed to the floor by my soon to be four year old. Although Ry doesn't looked scared she decided mid-way in the line that she wouldn't sit on his lap then refused to go near him until I was squatting beside Santa with her brother. Then I got pushed down. The pictures (thanks G for shooting rather than helping your poor wife up!) speak for themselves.

First Snow

Prior to the holidays we had some snow and I took advantage of the outdoor time. I bundled up the kids and they played outside while I cleared the driveway. The best part was watching E play in the snow for the first time!

Ry's Birthday Recap

It has been a month since I updated this blog so there are lots of updates and pictures. First off, Ry's actual birthday.

She had a party with her friends and had lots of fun. It was princess themed and she seemed to have a good time. The next day, G and I had birthday cake (the cake is made by our wedding cake folks with the same flavors) and her favorite meal - PASTA! My parents came over and she received my old doll house, refurbished by my dear mom. She did a fantastic job!