Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Are they related?!?

I am looking at old pics of Ryleigh to see if I see any resemblance between her & Evan. I came across this picture and it was the day of her first haircut. She wasn't even 6 months old yet. It just completely cracked me up. I will have to say that there is little resemblance in the hair department!

Weekly update...

I always remember coming home from vacation as a kid at the end of August and after a few days home we would start back to school. That is how it has felt around here this past week. The preparation of getting ready for our fall routine and the beginning of fall activities have finally begun!
First, Ry & Evs have started Moms Day Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay can you tell I am excited. They both attend the program on Wednesdays. I drop them off at 9:30 and I pick them up at 1:00. Glenn played golf and I did some window shopping. It was a nice break to just do my own thing.
Ryleigh also started "Ballerina Enchantment" class. It's just one of those fun rec center classes where Ryleigh can let out some energy. She loves it and followed the teacher around the entire time. I took lots of photos but my actual favorites aren't the best photos but I thought I would share anyway.

It's good to be home! I am looking forward to the weather changing and the upcoming pumpkin season! Ryleigh's already talking about Santa (geesh that's a bit early but at least I can remind her to be good). Hope everyone's autumn is starting well too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here I am...Rock ya like a hurricane

I think I've watched The Weather Channel too much. I have this whole ad campaign in my head with the Scorpions tune in the background and Jim Cantore standing in the pelting rain of the outer bands of a catergory 5 hurricane holding onto a palm tree. Yes, this is how my vacation was spent. I was on the up and up of my HURRICANE AUTHORITY (thanks twc)!

Glenn, the kids and I (plus my folks) went to Hilton Head labor day weekend for what was to be a relaxing 7 day trip of beach, sun & fun! Our days in HH were nice although we cut the trip short due to Tropical Storm Hanna. We made lemonade out of lemons & headed to Crozet, VA (minus my folks...they went home) to visit my sister's family.