Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And now for pictures....

My new 'favorite'. He is sitting in the tripod position so not quite sitting up on his own yet. Love that face and expression! He is really a good boy. I am so blessed.

Not the best pic of these two but the eyes... it's all about the eyes!

Feeling Good

I know I've been a bit absent. As you know from the prior post I have been feeling like a washed up mom for awhile. Well last night I got a new lease on life. I got a new haircut!!!
I have been hating on my hair for awhile and wanted to chop it back however the hubby isn't a big fan of short hair. However my hair looked horrible. It had been cut into layers and there was a disconnect and it was just awful. I made an appointment yesterday because I knew I needed to see myself 'pretty' again or else my self image was going to continue going down the drain. It was fantastic. Lisa did a fantastic job. She gave me a scalp massage, a mini-facial (for free) and cut my hair. I love it!
Now I am off to do it for the first time! Hopefully it will be a breeze (I suspect it will). Also I am back on the horse as far as diet is concerned. I am not going extreme but I hope to do 20 in 20! Just thinking about that makes me feel good! So here's to everyone feeling good and pretty today!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay you know when you reach the point where you physically feel as if you're about to boil over? I am there! I have been there for the past few hours. I've put myself in a time-out & it doesn't seem to be helping. Hubby is out of town, kids are being fairly good but I am just done. Put a fork on me, I am done. I am ready to pack my bags and get in my car and drive away from it all (figuratively speaking). I am not really sure what is going on in my head but here are a few of my complaints:
Tired of the same day in/day out routine. I feel as if I have set my world to revolve around 1 two and half year old. I could go into the ins/outs of our typical day but I just can't... I just feel as if I got lost in the shuffle of 1 demanding & spoiled two year old.
Tired of this post-pregnancy body. You know when you just don't feel pretty... I am there and have been sitting here for oh about 1 year! I think the last time I felt okay with my appearance was at my friend Kim's wedding on 7/7/07.
Tired of being jealous...yup I am incredibly jealous of my husband and his ability to get away from it all & having a life of his own outside of this family. That little green monster gets the best of me when I am down in the dumps and I wish it wouldn't.
So there you go, a washed up mom's pent up angry spewing out on the page of her blog. I KNOW I should be appreciative of the time I have with my children and how it all such a blessing but EVERYONE gets sick of their own life and wants to step out or step back from it. I don't care who you are we all feel this way. I know I don't have 'readership' that comments so I know I won't feel any hate but in case you are out there and are ready to comment think twice because I am breathing fire right now!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not all is lost

He is FINALLY taking a nap in his crib! Rejoice!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fancy Nancy

Last night Ryleigh and I read Fancy Nancy. It's all about a little girl who loves being fancy and how she wants her family to be fancy too. This morning I took Ry to my mom's for an overnight. She decked herself out for the car ride. She now goes by the name Fancy Ryleigh!