Wednesday, July 18, 2007

While I've been playing...

Glenn's been tiling. He & Tyler (the expert) have been busy this week laying the tile for our entry way. The entry way which was turned upside-down when we had the door work done. Here is a picture....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3 years and counting

Today is Anniversary Day!!! Yup, Glenn & I have been married for 3 years. This time 3 years ago my new husband was three sheets to the wind whopping it up with his buds on our wedding night while I watched on wondering if I was at his bachelor party. It was a great day and evening and I only wish I could spend today with him...
I am in Seattle and Glenn is at home but will be arriving here on Friday. I am so excited to see him. He is the best man for me and I love him to pieces. As cheesy as it sounds, he is my rock and I am so glad he picked me to be his partner (or the 'boss' as he lovingly refers to me). I love you Glenn oodles and oodles.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kim & Jay's Wedding

Vegas was a great success and I had such a good time attending Kim & Jay's wedding on 7-7-07!!! I arrived Friday morning after a slight snag with the airline. My flight to Cincy wasn't happening so I had to take a different airline. It wasn't so bad as I did upgrade to first class to have the experience. I thought I would sleep but no such luck. It was nice though and I arrived in Vegas at 10 am PST.
I was able to check into the Wynn when I arrived and then met up with Luann (college roommate). We grabbed a bite to eat and hit the slots. We also went by the pool to say hi to the bride-to-be. It was so hot so needless to say we didn't stick around. We went to go get our pedicures at 3:00. I almost feel asleep, I was so tired (I got up at 5 am EST). Afterwards, I went back to my room to relax and then got ready for the cocktail party.
The cocktail party was really nice. Kim & Jay's mothers put together a video of them that was beautiful. They did a great job. The big surprise of the evening was when Elvis came to give a performance. It was great fun. Prior to that Kim's father gave a wonderful toast that had all the ladies in tears (me included).
The next morning was the big day. Kim's wedding was at 9 am. She looked beautiful. Mallika even made it in time to watch their vows (she landed at 8:45 am so I don't know how she did it). Afterwards, Mallika and I (my date) went back to the room and gossiped. It was so good to see her too. The reception was a brunch at the Wynn Country Club. The club overlooks the golf course where there is an amazing waterfall. It was really nice and everyone enjoyed themselves.
The rest of the day Mallika & I went shopping although no purchases were made and we grabbed some dinner. The evening was topped off with all of us going to Lure (a small club at the Wynn). Overall it was a great day & weekend.

Luann, Me, Kim, Jay & Mallika

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What happenings in Vegas

Well you know the rest. I leave Friday morning for a quick weekend to Vegas for my friend's wedding. I am so excited to be able to get away on my own (no kid, no spouse). I am staying at the Wynn (fun) and have a first class ticket courtesy of airline points. Gotta love the husband for that.
Hope to post some pictures upon my return!