Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Honor of The Girls

This pregnancy has been fairly typical of my other two in many ways. I am carrying the same, which means I currently look like a fat blob. I am not saying that to be negative it just happens to be the truth. My boobs tend to take over in my pregnancy and although my belly is growing below them, it does not grow at the same rapid pace as my girls.
The girls, ta-tas, my boobs, breasts, whatever you want to call them have a mind of their own. I can go up a zillion sizes while pregnant which suffice to say they each will become as big as my head.
My girls and I have had a love-hate relationship since I was told I needed to purchase my first bra the summer before 6th grade. Boy was I mad when my mother suggested I needed support and we needed to go shopping for one of those sling shots. When we went to the store I was completely mortified at the prospect of owning the two triangles hanging from a string. Why me? And why is there a man in the Ladies Only department. I attempted to hide underneath one of the racks when I spotted THE MAN. How could he come here and be a part of this traumatic day. Didn't he know that a little girl was getting her first bra. The indecency of him.
My mother struggled through the shopping experience and all the ones that followed through my formative years. I still freaked out when men were in the LADIES ONLY department of the store and prayed we wouldn't make eye contact (in fear they would know why I was there)!
My teenage years I was a busty girl and I had my sights on a reduction surgery as soon as I could afford one (having no idea what it might cost). I endured the nickname Maribrest in high school but once I arrived in college I was blessed with a new nickname having nothing to do with my enlarged mammary glands.
Through my twenties I got my weight down and ta-da my boobs shrank. I found the secret and kept myself in shape and within what I considered a normal bra size. Then pregnancy happened and the girls had a mind of their own along with the aches and pains of a growing bosom. This is my third go around at watching them have a mind of their own and you would think I would be okay with it. I would be but for some reason this time brings more pain than I recall with my previous pregnancies. I feel like they are out to prove something this time around. "Look at us, lets see how BIG we can get since this will be our last time to stretch ourselves to the limit!" I am honest fear of what they will look like post-pregnancy/nursing phase when they are at their height of insane size. They may each be the size of a watermelon if they had any say... and lets be honest they have all the say in the world.
I use to tease the girls when I nurse about how I could feed a family of four on what I produced alone. I have a feeling I may be looking at Duggar size this time around!
So as I move forward through this second trimester looking more top heavy and less pregnant I pledge to love the girls more than I have in years past. It maybe because they are causing me such pain in the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) that I have opted to take the higher road in this last growth spurt of my friends. I will cherish them and appreciate all they have done for me and my children.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silence is Golden

I can't believe I went 3 months without posting! CRAZY but summer was full of activities and vacations plus I was keeping a secret...
As many of you know we are expecting our third in March and it has taken most of the time away from blogging for me to get excited for this surprise. I feel my plate is pretty full with the two we have but after a few months of adjusting to the news my enthusiasm has caught up with my husband's... THANK GOODNESS. I am about 17 weeks or so (that is a conservative number as I am too busy to keep track, hello it is #3). I am looking forward to feeling the flutters soon and our next ultrasound at the end of the month.