Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall is in the air

This month is flying by and I have not posted much since I caught the facebook bug. Glenn is back to regular traveling and we are settling into our fall routine (MDO, Colds, Halloween, etc). This past weekend was family weekend. Friday we went to COSI to check out the new exhibit, Sesame Street presents the body. Ryleigh really enjoyed it. She played at Mr. Hooper's store, listening to Oscar the Grouch from inside his trash can & took a quiz with Bert & Ernie.

We also went to our local rec center that evening for a Halloween Party with the kids dressed up. It was fun and we kept it short & sweet due to the time.

Saturday we headed to Leeds Farm for some pumpkin fun. We got a late start though and Ryleigh's disposition was in rare form. We stopped at Wendy's She threw a tantrum at Wendy's that lasted through the time we were there, the remainder of the drive home and continued for another 4o minutes at home. It was comical.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Firehouse Fun!

Sunday was family day in the Sharp Household. Glenn was home and our local fire department had an open house. It was lots of fun and Ryleigh really enjoyed herself. She loves the fire dept (she also went last year for a tour with my moms group). Evan was good as gold and really loved his red balloon.