Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1 week too late

I completely forgot about my daughter's 17 month birthday with all the craziness of last week. So here we sit, one week later. I've posted some pictures below. She got her first scraped knee this week. The sad thing about it was she wasn't even moving. She just fell. She is getting a molar too. It's crazy because she only has 5 other teeth and she is getting this molar in the back. Where are the other teeth?!?! As the books all say, each kid is different (I must remind myself of this all the time). We're playing outside and exploring all the grass & plants in the yard.

Little Climber

Bad Hair Day!

Looking for a bathing suit?!?

Playing with the hose

First Scraped Knee

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Going back in time

Last night was my 15 year class reunion. I am so relieved it is over. I must admit I am very happy with the turnout and I had a fairly good time. I think everyone who attended enjoyed the evening for the most part. I am sure there are a few of us paying the price today (such as myself!). Here are some photos...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Woman

On Friday, I discovered my engagement diamond had become lose. I could turn it ever so slightly and began to panic that I may lose it while out to dinner with my husband. We ran to the jewelers on Saturday morning and discovered there were lose stones in my band too. The jeweler told me it would take 10 days to fix.

Ten days?!?! Now I will admit I am not an avid wearer of my rings. I don't wear them to bed, when I do yard work or wash dishes. I basically never have them on when I am home. I try to remember to have them on when I leave the house. I am pretty good at remembering although I have had to drive back a few times to get them.

Now for someone who wears her rings only when I am out I was freaking over the 10 days. And the reason... my 15 year high school reunion! Call me vain and shallow but come on aren't we all from time to time. I begged the jeweler to see if they could get them done sooner. She came back with a Saturday pickup. I would be able to get them the day of my reunion. I was relieved to say the least.

After a few days of no rings I couldn't take it (I know the girl who doesn't wear them now wants them). I called the store last night and found out they are ready. I was so excited but also amazed that something that would be 10 days was suddenly done in less than 4. I never thought it would take them 10 days to repair them or even a day for that matter. I rushed over this morning and they look STUNNING. They cleaned and polished them and I swear they look better than on the day of my wedding. I've worn them ever since. I may even sleep with them tonight!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all my mommy friends are having a wonderful day with their family!

Friday, May 11, 2007

4.5 hours

It's only 4.5 hours till Grace the sitter comes. I am scared! I think I am going to have Glenn pick up some wine or beer (or a Valium if they are now selling them over the counter) to take the edge off.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Man Comes Back

YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! Glenn comes home in an hour!!!! Time to pass the torch of the insane mulch pile to my man. He has 4 days to complete his mission.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Babysitters Club

I just signed up for a new service that provides babysitters. I also went ahead and put in a request for Friday night to have a stranger come to my house and watch my child. I am COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT by this whole thing! I've never had anyone other than family watch my child. I would be total cool with any of my mom friends watching my child (I am not a complete nut case about who babysits my child). I must admit though, I have no idea who is going to watch my kid. What I do know is that it will be a college student from OSU, they will have had a background check and that is about it. It provides a bit of peace of mind but not much. I arranged for the sitter to come 1/2 an hour prior to when G and I plan to head out. We want to put Ry down for bed before we leave (otherwise this stranger will be left with a sobbing mess). Now I am going to feverishly clean my house... I should have it all done by Friday!!!! Hopefully my blood pressure will go down by then and I won't need a Valium in order to leave my pride and joy for evening out with my husband for his birthday!


G's crazy schedule has finally got to me. It was Saturday and my mom had come over to help me with painting new baseboards so I could work on mulching. My mom was entertaining Ry and I was at my wits end with her. She had been on the whine station all morning and the only adjustment she had was her volume (loud or louder). I broke down in the kitchen. It was small and brief but it only took a month of G being the sky warrior for me to wish I had a normal 9 to 5 husband.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Zoo & Mulch

This morning I went to meet my friend & her son at the Columbus Zoo. We had lots of fun checking out all sorts of animals and even learned about a new one called an Okapi. It was dark reddish brown with camouflage markings on its hindquarters and legs (zebra legs). It was really interesting. We also had lunch and finished off our visit with a boat ride.

Ry sitting in the boat

Our friends B & M on the boat

After we left the zoo we stopped at the grocery store and picked up some goodies then I came home and was greeted by a MASSIVE mulch pile in the driveway. I knew it was coming but it was everywhere. It was covering 3/4 of the driveway across (and it's a 2 car driveway). I wasn't sure if I would be able to manage to get the car past it but I did. Now my concern is will I be able to backout without hitting it. I thought the only way I could manage that was to actually mulch. So I spent an hour mulching and only got a portion of the front of our house done and I barely made a dent in the mulch. I suspect I will be out there everyday for the next 7 days mulching during Ry's afternoon nap. My husband is so lucky being gone for the next 7 days for work.