Saturday, June 20, 2009

Matt turns 1

Our friend, Matt turned one a week ago! His older bro, Sam is a friend of Ryleigh's (although friend may not be the right term since they act more like siblings...). Also Ryleigh's friend, Grace was there. Sam, Grace and Ry have known each other since before their first birthdays (same playgroup). And we all have one year old boys now too. It's nice to have a group of friends who match up well with age...


Makes me wonder....

Addyson turns 1

A few weeks ago the Sharp clan traveled to Indiana to attend a first birthday for my 2nd cousin, Addyson. Her mom, Leigh-Ann and I are 1st cousins.
Friday night we were able to meet up with the Piasecki clan and walk the streets of Goshen, IN for their First Fridays. It was a nice way to get out some of the energy and enjoy some of the beautiful weather.
Saturday was the party and it was a nice easy going afternoon. Ry and E were well behaved although E does have a tendancy to scream at strangers and there were lots of them there but after a nap he had a nice disposition. It was a nice weekend and we hope to visit again soon.