Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr. Blue Eyes

Big Day: He rolled over for the first time. We almost all missed it too. He was all by himself playing on the floor and I went to check on him and saw he was on his side. I went and got Glenn just in time.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Never thought I would need to teach this

Mr. Evan has been a fantastic baby. He sleeps well, eats well, rarely cries, smiles a ton, loves his voice and watching his sister. Just a truly happy boy. However this happy boy has no idea how to poop on a regular basis. This issue started about 6 weeks ago. Yup, 6 weeks. He started going for long stretches without pooping. He went 7 days, then 8 days, another 8 days, then he topped it with 9 DAYS! Who does that?!!? And yes I called the doctor....
So now I get to stimulate his behind and attempt to give this boy pear juice. It doesn't seem to be making an impression on him. Thursday (after 9 days) he was given a suppository. Worked like a charm but it did take the whole hour for the show to start. Then he actually went #2 the next day. Haven't really seen anything since. So I started trying the pear juice yesterday and wouldn't you know...HE WON'T DRINK IT. The problem is actually bigger than that...he won't take a bottle at all! My mom attempted to give him a bottle of my fine milk today and he refused. Tomorrow I am going to try the medicine dropper & pear juice. This should be fun!

Bringing home my baby bumble bee

won't my mommy be so proud of me, la da da da
he STUNG me!

That's right, Ryleigh got her first bee/wasp/hornet (not sure which) tonight. I assume it was a wasp because it was by the mailbox and those pesky little guys like to build nests. Boy was she upset. Thank god for Boo Boo Bunny. Her little hand swelled up in 2 seconds but she kept Boo Boo Bunny on there for 40 minutes. It appears her only issue was a swollen & sore hand. Thank goodness! Now I can check that off the box of summer items to accomplish.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What can happen in 18 days??

NOTHING! Love summer and the laziness. We've been having fun, hitting the local parks, having picnics, potty training (thanks honey for teaching her), getting up at the crack of dawn, taking long afternoon naps, enjoying a sleeping-through-the-night baby, taking walks, riding a tricycle...
We'll report back when something interesting happens. Till then, enjoy your summer...