Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Alright I am beginning to feel like all I am doing is voicing my frustrations towards my daughter's illness. However, I need to know when it is going to end. Yesterday I chatted with the doctor's office who advised me to give her water/Pedialyte in 20 minute increments (an ounce each time) for 2 hours. If after that point she still has a dry diaper take her to Children's Urgent Care.
I strap my little girl down and start forcing the liquids down with a medicine dropper. Wasn't the best way but it was the only way. She refused to drink from a cup, sippy cup or straw. I even pulled out an old bottle! I was desperate. Glenn comes home in the middle of this dance of setting the timer, forcing liquid down her for 5 minutes then letting her sit again watching Elmo for 15 minutes till we start all over again. We had 45 minutes to go and Ryleigh decided to let us know that forcing her to do anything is a terrible idea. She projectile vomited all the liquid.
So that sent the three of us to Children's Hospital Urgent Care. It was about an hour before we saw the Nurse Practitioner. She saw no signs of dehydration and suggest all the same things we've heard - clear liquids, Popsicles, jell-o.
We took her home and tried to push a little more water down her and we put her to bed.
Now the real fun begins... this morning I am about to walk into her room and I smell it. The pungent oder of diarrhea. I opened up her door and it was EVERYWHERE. I pulled her out of the crib and took her to her bathroom to dis rode her in the tub and then spray her down. Then I pulled her out to clean the tub and Glenn gave her bath. I then went to clean the mess in her bed.
The only upside is she did have a wet diaper today (put a napkin in her diaper to help us tell). She is now resting.
I hope this bug leaves her soon. I miss my Ryleigh!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting ready

Well we are going to start getting ready for our trip today. We Friday morning to head south to Hilton Head Island for a week. I can't wait! Ryleigh and I are still recovering from our battles with the stomach bug. So far Ryleigh seems to be doing better this morning. I am still having issues with getting fluids into her. My mom suggested Kool-Aid. I had some of the sugar free stuff and she drank 1/2 a sippy cup (huge for her!).
I hope we're all in the clear by tomorrow or Wednesday. We leave early (3 am) Friday morning so lets keep our fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

When will it end

Alright, I am a complainer at heart and here I go...
Ryleigh is still under the weather. She puked yesterday morning all over herself, blankets and our new couch. She has finally left her mark on my otherwise pristine couch. I took it in stride. We hunkered down again yesterday and last evening we started with the diarrhea. Oh my what fun that has been. We changed her diaper 4 times in matter of 15 minutes. Poor girl. And she wailed every time we wiped her. We were able to ward off diaper rash but the poor thing was so sensitive. After she went down I thought it best to check on her. Good thing. She pooped again and had leaked to boot. I had to change her & her bedding.
Then (here is my real complaint)... I woke up at 3 am feeling awful. I now have diarrhea. I must admit I would rather have that than the whole vomiting thing. It just means another day of staying home and watching way too much Elmo. When Ryleigh got up this morning she had yet another nasty package for me. It almost made me vomit.
I really can't wait till this is all over. I am just hoping/praying we get through today/tomorrow without giving it to Glenn. He is in his simulator training for his plane and it has been painfully boring for him. If he gets this before his check ride tomorrow morning he will have to call in sick and start the whole 5 day process over at another date. I don't know if I can listen to his daily complaints about that so please keep your fingers crossed that Glenn stays healthy!

Friday, August 24, 2007


I had my first major puking incident with Ryleigh today... in the car! It was awful. She vomited 3 times before her entire stomach was cleared and boy did it smell. I had to strip her down in a parking lot and attempt to clean her car seat with 7 baby wipes. I was able to get her back into the seat (amid a few chunks) and get her home. She's been fine since but I think today will be a day filled with Elmo, water and Popsicles. She will probably think this is a vacation day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Goodbye Miss Jenny

Today was Ryleigh's last day with Miss Jenny at her Gymboree class. We've been with Miss Jenny for over a year and half. She has been a terrific motivator and teacher full of excitement for her very young students and anxious mothers.
Miss Jenny started at Gymboree shortly after graduating from Ohio Dominican. She graduated with a teaching degree and while looking for that 'real' teaching job she taught Gymboree classes. I am so excited for her as she finally got her first teaching job; teaching kindergartners. It is a perfect fit. Her enthusiasm cannot be replicated and her new students & parents will be thrilled with her.
We will miss Miss Jenny and will always remember her as Ryleigh's FIRST teacher. I think what I will miss most is watching Ryleigh interact with Miss Jenny: giving her hugs, sitting on her lap for lap rides (most children sit on their parent's lap for lap ride), and showing love and trust towards someone outside of her family. Miss Jenny has taught me a lot about letting go and letting Ryleigh be her own person. She will be dearly missed.

Ryleigh going down the slide (with Miss Jenny's nametag)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well I've been somewhat mute since our return home. Why you may ask? Well our lives have been somewhat crazy. While we were in Seattle Glenn's father was admitted back to the hospital. He has been in ICU since. We're hoping he will be downgraded early next week. It has been a difficult road for him but we keep praying that everything will work itself out. Glenn's mother also had surgery shortly after our return. Glenn has been in Florida helping is mom out this past week. He will be returning home Wednesday and starts training on Thursday. No time off for him! Then there is the chaos on my side. My sister, husband and my niece moved last week. They moved to VA! I am excited for her and her promotion but it was really hard to see her go and think I've traded in a half hour drive for 7.5 hours. I will miss having her close. She has always lived in Ohio so this will be a big change. Lastly, a relative on my side of the family passed away. It has been a difficult time and something I am not up to discussing on this public forum.
Glenn & I are muddling through and can't wait till our vacation in Hilton Head. It will be a much needed break from all this stuff going on around us.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trouble with posting

I have been having issues posting. For some reason my post is not showing up. I am not sure why... I posted 2 days ago and it still is not on my blog. I am hoping this one will. I will look into the technical difficulties when I have a chance. Just trying to see if this will post.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's been long overdue

I've been home for over a week and yet no word on my blog about my trip. We've been adjusting to being home and dealing with some family issues that I care not to discuss on this public forum. We're alright and our trip was good. I thought I should at least leave a note to let whoever reads this know that we're hanging in there and adjusting to being back in Ohio.