Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bring on the chaos

Oh how the holidays are fast approaching all of us! As for most, chaos ensues and as much planning as we may try there will be ups & downs this holiday season. I am lucky in that Thanksgiving isn't a big family holiday. My husband ALWAYS works (he leaves the day before) and the kids and I usually enjoy a dinner at my folks. Just the 5 of us! It's nice and we do all the foods but in many ways the only difference between a Sunday dinner at my parents and Thanksgiving is the menu. I am happy that this year I will get to enjoy all the food. I will not being doing my gestational diabetes test till some time in December (which could mean no fun Christmas food).
Speaking of gestational, everything is going well and I am feeling the flutters. I love this part where you can feel the baby but it isn't quite big enough to pack a punch. The second trimester is by far my favorite! The only downside is this one is giving me heart burn. I am chomping on the tums and hoping that if this baby is a boy he doesn't come out with the same amount of hair as his older sister, otherwise we will be getting our first haircut once he can hold up his head.

Ry at 5 weeks with bad hair and bad baby acne (her teenage years will be fun)!

After the fun Turkey feast we will be prepping for Ry 4th birthday. I am so excited because this year we are having a princess party at Studio J! We have never done a party outside of our home but with my pregnancy, Gs hectic schedule and holiday craze we felt it best to lower our stress and have it some place else. The only thing I need to bring is a CAKE! Love it. We are inviting all the girls from her preschool class and a few of her other friends. It should be fun and I am hoping for a good turnout. We will do a small family party on her actual birthday. I am even more excited for that... she will be getting my old dollhouse (my mom refurbished it) . I bought all the furniture (Fisher Price makes some plastic stuff that is fitting for a 4 year old) and my mom saved many of my old furniture that I am cleaning and hoping to give to her over time (depending on how well she handles the plastic). My old dollhouse was by far my most favorite gift I received. I got it for Christmas when I was five and I LOVED IT. I hope she gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

E is doing swell. With everything going on for Ry's birthday I realized I forgot my little man. I never made his 1 year birthday video. I hope to spend the next week (evenings, of course) working on it. I told myself I can't start Ry's video till I complete his. I can't believe I let it go for so long but it will be done!

To tie you over till I get E's video done, I give you my kids and an afternoon at Easton watching the train. It's riveting!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you to my vet

Today we recognize those who have served our country. For me, I am blessed to be able to thank my husband who served during the Iraq War. Prior to the war officially being announced my husband began doing trips into Iraq on the C-141. He was a flight engineer and his unit was responsible (initially) for taking cargo into the war zone. We were just dating at the time but within weeks of his first trip for his reserve unit he was activated. I was quite frightened at the time on what it would mean... would he be gone for a year... would I ever see him...would our relationship survive. We made plans for him to move his personal items to my apartment (essentially moving in with me). We got his finances in order so we could pay all of his bills during his activation. We crossed the t's and dotted the i's.

Once he settled all his items we made a BIG decision to move forward in our relationship and began ring shopping! We knew where we wanted 'us' to go and we were going to move forward. His official active duty began in February 2003. His unit was responsible for leaving from Wright-Patt to Germany. From there they would fly down to Iraq during the night (drop off cargo) and pick-up wounded soldiers to take back to Germany. Then take soldiers from Germany back to the states (wounded). His unit was a flying hospital. I was so proud of the work he was doing and grateful that he was contributing in a positive way to help the men and women on the front line.

His activation was renewed after 1 year and he continued to serve another. During that time he would be home for a couple of weeks then gone for 1 to 2. He was home quite a bit (more than I initially thought) and through that time our relationship flourished. We became engaged in September 2003, bought our first house and got married July 2004, made plans to start our family.
My most fond memory is the night he called me from the plane over Turkey to tell me he was safe! It was his last trip into Iraq. I called his mom and told her the news and she was thrilled to know it was over (at least for Glenn).

Glenn: Thank you for everything you did during your time served as well as your entire military career. I couldn't be more proud!
My husband retired in 2006.
Pictures from Glenn's retirement ceremony:

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year there were 2 new things for our trick-or-treating adventures. First, G was HOME! He hasn't been home since Ry's first trick-or-treat and she was all of 10 months old. That year the three of us sat outside and passed out candy. Second, we added a 2nd trick-or-treater... presenting Mr. Bumblebee. This is Ry's old costume and it is now missing it's head piece. I am sure I will find it by next Halloween! However, tubs won't be wearing it. I will finally deck him out in a BIG Boy outfit. I can't wait.
As usually my parents came over to pass out candy so we could go out as a family of four. E was insistent on pulling the wagon so I stayed between the Running Fairy and the Must Take My Time as I am Pulling a Wagon Bee so I could attempt to enjoy the adventure my children were having. Finally I told G to give the Bee a lollipop and he sat back for the rest of the ride. He didn't even want to get out to say Tick Teet with a lovely of Hank Oww afterward. Ry was kind enough to request a treat for her brother at every house (way to load up on the candy) and even put it in his basket. It was quite sweet.
Today (3 days after the fanfare) Ry and I did a trade-in on the candy. I loathe the treats and the persistence of an almost 4 year old begging all day for a treat. So I offered her a new barbie and she could keep 5 pieces (thank you to my friend Jeanne who told me of such offer...it worked wonders). So now we are down to five (only 1 a day). Ry had her treat at 8:30 this morning...