Monday, March 14, 2011

What's all the fuss about

Dalai Lama for Halloween?

Today we (G, P and I) went to Nationwide Children's Hospital for P to have a minor procedure to remove a pyogenic granuloma from his right check. This little sucker appeared in September and at first I thought it might be a little baby acne. However after a few weeks I realized it was something else. After the holidays I had it examined by Dr. P who suggested removing it. We got it set up for February however due to an ice storm we postponed till today.

Now the week leading up to this procedure (requiring anesthesia) I started to freak out. What was I thinking putting my baby under for an elective procedure? Was I that vain (my reason for wanting it removed was partially cosmetic)? What if something horrific goes wrong from being put under? You name it I thought it. Lucky for me Dr. P's wife is a good friend of mine so she had him call me to calm my fears. I am sure he was slightly amused by my tangent.

So this morning we got up in the wee hour of the morning to make the trek down 71. Now I have been down this road since P's first surgery (his cardio check ups take place there) but it was surreal to be carrying in P in to be placed under so he could have a lesion cut off his face. G and I were quite calm, much like we were last April Fools Day. We joked with the nurses, no tears were shed and we carried him down to the OR doors (okay last time he was wheeled in a bed). We said our c-ya later and walked down the hall to the waiting area. The same hall and waiting area we went down and sat in 11.5 months ago. We checked in with the same surgery waiting room clerk, dropped our items in the same place and pulled out our electronics. We commented on the construction taking place and the changes. G ran to grab us some drinks and food and I settled into the recliner. I had the same calm feeling as I did when P was undergoing his open heart surgery. It was very much the same minus the time we waited (oh and the fact this was elective and the other was to save his life). After only 30 minutes, Dr. P came out to tell us he was all done, no issues. We hung out for another 20 minutes then we were called back to recovery. It was only 8:45 am! As we walked the hallways of recovery we could hear our screaming boy. No need to look for his room number we could hear him a mile away. He recovered quickly (little apple juice, a nap and we were discharged). And we walked right out as three. It was all good.

Thanks Dr. P for dealing with my antics last week and doing such a wonderful job. It looks great!

Playin' and Waitin'

Changed into something smaller and a pretty blue right before going in

Napping in recovery

Why we wanted it removed (when it bled it would gush)

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